What Augmented Reality (AR) has in store for us and how it can alter our way of life.

Studying Anatomy using Augmented Reality
Studying Anatomy using Augmented Reality
Studying Anatomy using Augmented Reality (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Imagine this. You walk into your house, and all the walls and ceilings are covered in gold, you have a massive flat-screen TV on the wall, everything is completely clean, the kitchen counters are all granite, everything is really nice. But none of it is real, and you take off your glasses and everything goes back to normal.

In the not-so-distant future, this could be a reality. Where we decorate our homes not with real things, but virtual things. It might sound insane, but I don’t think it’s going to be that far off. …

These skills will double the growth rate of your sales

Image edited by author (Image source)

Nobody would have imagined in their scariest of dreams that a pandemic will take over humanity and that too for such a long duration.

Covid-19 led to the shutting down of many factories, industries, companies, etc. resulting in people getting unemployed or short of cash. Getting stuck into a long financial crisis.

Right now people don’t want to spend their money as they used to do before this pandemic happened. After knowing these situations, it is very hard to convince a client to buy your product.

To overcome this problem, here are three proven tips to increase sales. …

Apple’s products work with each other flawlessly which makes it very easy to enter the ecosystem but too difficult to leave, just like a black hole

Image via Apple edited by author

There’s chatter of Apple’s “Walled Garden” all over the internet. You must have heard this phrase before on YouTube or read it somewhere in the articles related to Apple.

Everything inside this garden is beautiful, attractive, and addictive. But it’s the giant walls surrounding this garden that you can’t climb out once you are in.

In most cases, iPhone is the gateway to this garden. It is just because it’s the best all-around phone…

Is goat's milk healthier than cow's milk scientifically?

Man holding bottle of goat’s milk (Image source)

My father was ill in January. He was suffering from High Blood pressure and Diarrhea. He was not recovering, even though he was taking medicines regularly and had gone weak because of prolonged illness.

Then in one of the appointments doctor advised a change in the medicine and asked my father what kind of milk he was drinking. Our entire family consumes cow’s milk from the nearby farm, hence he replied cow’s milk. Then the doctor advised him to stop consuming cow’s milk and start consuming goat’s milk, claiming it would be more beneficial for him.

Then when he came…

It will save your time that you spend on Facebook groups.

Via: Pixabay

All writers want more eyes to see their work, but that’s difficult as said. They share their story on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp groups, Telegram, etc. So that their story reaches more people.

I did the same with my stories. I also shared them on every social media platform I was part of. But Facebook groups were a total failure for me.

You might be part of Facebook groups about Medium. Those groups say that they will help new writers by promoting their stories and helping them in writing better stories.

But that’s all lies. They…

You would surely be not knowing all of them

Collection of apps by Adobe
Collection of apps by Adobe
Collection of apps by Adobe (Image Source)

From logos of websites, pdf reader, YouTube videos to movies in theatres, apps developed by Adobe are everywhere. No doubt Adobe is the most famous name among artists and creators around the world. Adobe has a lot of apps in each category, and it is very hard to remember what each of them does.

  1. Adobe Photoshop is the most famous app among all Adobe apps. So, let’s start with Adobe Photoshop, which is the software you want if you need to do anything with a photo, whether you are a professional or amateur. Photoshop is a versatile tool that is…

Astronauts are furious with SpaceX, as their Starlink satellites are ruining the night sky

Starlink satellites train as seen from the Earth
Starlink satellites train as seen from the Earth
Starlink satellites train as seen from the Earth (Image source)

On Thursday, March 4th, 2021, SpaceX Falcon 9 blasted off from Kennedy Space Center, carrying another 60 Starlink satellites. This launch brings the full size of the constellation to around 1100.

They’re planning to do these launches every couple of weeks during 2021. After these launches, the total number of satellites in the constellation will be around 1440. It will be enough to provide high-speed internet services to the USA and parts of Canada.

One of the big topics at last year’s meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Honolulu, Hawaii, was the impact of Starlink and the other upcoming…

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